Arc Core Investigators

Arc seeks to foster a world-class research environment built on scientific curiosity, a deep commitment to truth, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our Core Investigators are provided with no-strings-attached, multi-year funding as well as cutting-edge scientific and infrastructure support to enable high-risk, high-reward science. They are innovative pioneers enabled to pursue their very best ideas.

Open Calls for Applications*

* Applications for all open calls are currently under review. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible to ensure full consideration.

Arc Core Investigator (open to current faculty at our partner universities)

In continued partnership with UCSF, UC Berkeley and Stanford University, the Arc Institute has launched an open rank search for current faculty at our partner universities whose research programs focus on neurobiology, computational science or immunology.Calls now open

Arc will launch new calls for applications for Core Investigators in fall 2024. To receive updates when applications open, please sign up here.

Meet Our Core Investigators

Becoming a Core Investigator at Arc


Core Investigators are appointed for eight-year renewable terms at Arc.

Core Investigators are employed by Arc and may have a faculty appointment at one of our university partners (Stanford University, UCSF, and UC Berkeley).


Current faculty at all career stages as well as postdocs who plan to transition to independence in this search year are eligible to serve as Core Investigators depending on the search.

Arc is excited about the opportunity to support both early career scientists and senior faculty. Individuals who are authorized to work in the US as well as those who require visa sponsorship are eligible.

Scientific Focus Areas

Scientific focus areas for our current searches include Neurobiology, Immunology and Computational Science.

We encourage you to take a look at all open calls for application before applying.


Arc Core Investigators receive a generous and guaranteed budget each year of their appointment, with funding to support labs of up to 20 people.

Core Investigator labs are typically between 8-20 lab members.

Lab Space

All Core Investigator labs are located at Arc’s headquarters in Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto, California.

Our brand new 100,000 sqft building was designed with scientists in mind and features state-of-the-art equipment.

Arc headquarters features open lab floor plans. Lab and office space assigned to each Arc Core Investigator can accommodate up to 20 people.


We have a robust infrastructure to support our research teams, including general operational and lab support, a centralized stockroom, and shared equipment for major molecular biology, biochemistry, and genomics workflows.

Arc Core Investigators have access to our internal Technology Centers and platforms as well as a variety of core facilities at Arc and our university partners. Our team of highly talented individuals also supports Core Investigators in the areas of people, recruiting, finance, legal, IP, lab operations, communications and university relations and academic affairs. We also have dedicated scientific publication support for all our researchers.

Please visit the dedicated pages for each open call for application for more details.
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