Arc Institute Programs

As part of our mission to understand and treat complex human diseases, the Arc Institute is excited to continue to grow our scientific community across our investigator programs.

Core Investigators

Arc Core Investigators are based at Institute headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. Core Investigators and their labs are fully funded by the Institute, and they may hold a faculty appointment at one of our university partners (Stanford University, UCSF, and UC Berkeley). Calls are now open for our Core Investigator Program.Calls now open

Science Fellows

Arc’s Science Fellows program incubates scientific innovation by enabling exceptional early-career scientists to transition to a principal investigator position directly after their doctoral training. To accelerate independent careers, this program provides Arc Science Fellows with leadership training and full salary and research support for their group. Our next open call for Science Fellow applications will be in Fall 2024.Learn more

Innovation Investigators & Ignite Awardees

The Arc Institute Innovation Investigators and Ignite Award programs provide unrestricted funding to support researchers located at our partner universities to tackle bold ideas. These scientists act as an intellectual bridge between Arc and its partner universities – Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and UCSF. We expect to open our next call for applications in 2024.Learn more

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Life as an Investigator at Arc

All Arc investigators receive unrestricted, flexible funding to pursue their most important ideas - with complete freedom to study fundamental biological mechanisms, develop new technologies, or innovate on therapeutic concepts. We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, curiosity-driven exploration, and goal-oriented research.

Professor Lingyin Li in lab

Arc‘s robust infrastructure of resources enables our Investigators to advance ambitious, long-term research agendas.


All Arc Investigators & Fellows receive no-strings attached, guaranteed multi-year funding. Core Investigators are fully funded for groups of up to 20 people and Science Fellows for labs of 2-4 people. Innovation Investigators receive large, unrestricted grants. We want our Investigators & Fellows to have complete autonomy to pursue their very best research ideas.

Technology Centers

Arc Investigators have the opportunity to work collaboratively with our five Technology Centers (Multi-Omics, Genome Engineering, Cellular Models, Mammalian Models and Computation) to integrate and apply key biotechnologies and methods to help solve complex biological problems. These may take the form of long-term scientific collaborations on specific research projects or partnerships on larger institution-wide initiatives.


All Core Investigator and Science Fellow labs are located in Arc‘s brand, new 100,000 sqft headquarters. Designed with scientists in mind, the offices and labs feature bright, sunlit spaces and state-of-the-art equipment. Innovation Investigators also have access to flex space in our building.

Equipment & Technology

We have outfitted our lab spaces with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to support major molecular biology, biochemistry and genomics workflows. Innovation Investigators also have access to equipment and technology at Arc.


Backed by the support of more than 50 highly talented operations team members, Arc Investigators & Fellows receive dedicated operational support so you can focus on your most important research. This includes recruiting, scientific publications, IP, people, communications, academic affairs support and more.


In addition to general lab support and a centralized stockroom, Arc Core Investigators and Science Fellows have access to a variety of core facilities at Arc and our partner universities, from an in-house flow cytometry core to a joint Cryo-EM knowledge center with Stanford Chem-E.