Arc Science Fellows Program

The Arc Science Fellows program is designed for outstanding early career scientists who are seeking an opportunity to transition to a principal investigator position directly after their doctoral training. To accelerate independent careers, this program provides Arc Fellows with leadership training and full salary and research support for their group.



Arc Science Fellows are appointed for a five-year term at Arc, with a formal check-in after three years, and are employed by the Institute. Science Fellows will be independent group leaders who pursue research agendas with a combination of innovative technologies, originality, and risk that are unlikely to be supported by traditional funding sources.


This program is targeted to individuals who have completed their graduate training (e.g., PhD, MD, MD/PhD) within the last two years. Individuals who are authorized to work in the US as well as those who require visa sponsorship are eligible.

Scientific Focus Areas

The focus areas for our initial search were Neurobiology, Immunology, Computational Science, Human Genetics, Chemical Biology, and Technology Development. Scientific focus areas may change for future calls for applications.



Who is eligible to apply for the Arc Science Fellows Program?

Are there specific research areas Arc is looking for in this program?

Can I apply if I don’t have my PhD yet?

Can I apply if I’m not a US citizen?

Am I eligible to apply to the Science Fellows program if I am currently at an institution other than Stanford, UCSF, or UC Berkeley?


Are letters of recommendation required?

How many Science Fellows does Arc expect to hire?

Who can I reach out to if I have additional questions?


Will Arc be my employer?

How long is the appointment term?

How will my progress be evaluated?

Is this a faculty position?

Will I have an academic appointment at one of Arc’s partner universities?

Will I have a faculty mentor?

Where will my lab be located?

How much space will I have?

Will I have a team?

What administrative and operational support is provided at Arc?

What resources are available at Arc?

What are Technology Centers?

How will I interact with the Technology Centers at Arc?

Which shared resources will I have access to at partner universities?

Will I have teaching and service expectations?

Can I stay at my current university and still participate in the program?

How will I interact with the Core Investigators at Arc?

Is there a possibility to transition to a Core Investigator position at Arc after the Science Fellows program?


How much direct cost funding will I receive?

What is the salary for Arc Science Fellows?

Can I apply for NIH grants?

Can I apply for foundation grants?

Are there any internal institute funds that I can apply for?