ScreenPro2 is an integrated Python workflow for analyzing data from high-throughput CRISPR nuclease, CRISPRi, or CRISPRa screens – from initial data processing and quality control to gene- and pathway-level insights. Building on the popular ScreenProcessing tool, ScreenPro2 has been specifically designed to handle the unique data structure inherent in CRISPR-V3 libraries. It takes a count matrix as input and yields a statistical comparison between conditions in your screen, including quality control scatter plots and volcano plots to reveal key hits and insights. 

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Tool Features

Ease of Use & Open Source

Easy installation using pip, and easy to use for anyone familiar with Python. This is an open source project and community driven initiative. We welcome feedback and input from others.

Data Exploration & Integration

Uses a standard data structure to process data and enable diverse downstream tasks. Notably, ScreenPro2 is compatible with scverse ecosystem and packages.

Workflows for CRISPR screen platforms

Phenotype calculation and statistical analysis of screens. Enables analysis of standard or custom single and dual sgRNA library designs.