Arc Innovation Investigator Awards

The Arc Institute seeks to foster collaborations built on scientific curiosity, a deep commitment to truth, and interdisciplinary science. Arc Innovation Investigators are researchers at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and UCSF who will be awarded $1M of unrestricted funding over 5 years to pursue visionary ideas in curiosity-driven science and technology development.



Arc Innovation Investigators are appointed for five-year terms, which are competitively renewable. Awardees will act as intellectual bridges between the universities and the institute, while maintaining their labs, employment, and appointments at their home university (Stanford University, UCSF, or UC Berkeley).


Current faculty at our three partner universities (Stanford University, UCSF, and UC Berkeley) are eligible to be considered.We encourage innovative research proposals that may be challenging to support via traditional funding sources and are aligned with Arc’s mission of understanding and treating complex human diseases.

Scientific Focus Areas

The focus areas for our inaugural competition included Neurobiology, Immunology, Computational Science, Human Genetics, Chemical Biology, and Technology Development. Scientific focus areas may change for future calls for applications.



Who is eligible to apply?

Are there specific research areas Arc is planning to fund?


How many awards will be given?

Are letters of recommendation required?

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?


Does the Arc Innovation Investigatorship affect my employment?

How long is the term of the award?

Is the award renewable? When and how will renewals be decided?

Is there a minimum effort requirement for Arc Innovation Investigators?

Which Arc resources will I be able to access?

Can members of my lab work at Arc?

How much on-site time will I be expected to spend at Arc?

How will IP work?

What are the reporting requirements?

Is there a possibility to transition to a Core Investigator position at Arc?


What is the direct cost budget available to me?

What about indirect costs?

How will salaries/benefits work?

Are there any other awards I will be restricted from having at the same time as I am an Arc Innovation Investigator?