Working at the Arc Institute Solving hard science problems together

We seek to foster an environment built on scientific excellence and curiosity, a deep commitment to truth, and open collaboration.


Ambition and vision

Institute scientists are unencumbered to pursue long-term, high risk, high reward research that can meaningfully advance human health. We remove typical constraints of prevailing project-based external grants and provide full operational and administrative support.

Curiosity coupled with pragmatic solutions

We believe goal-oriented science is more effective when curiosity-driven researchers pursue adjacent problems. Institute scientists are enabled to unapologetically pursue curiosity-driven work (“to understand X”) or be decisively goal-oriented (“to solve X”).


Although today’s scientific culture often rewards rapid publications and single-author credit, we believe scientific progress is accelerated through teamwork and a helpful, optimistic environment.

Compensation and benefits

We aim to attract the best talent from the biotech and tech industries with competitive salaries and benefits. Even more critically, we expect the best people to stay and build their long-term careers at the Institute.